Intafast has extensive experience in providing our customers with a range of plating options to suit their requirements and applications.

  • Zinc & Clear
  • Zinc & Colour
  • Zinc & Black
  • Zinc/Iron
  • Zinc/Nickel
  • Chemical Black
  • Steel & St/Steel

*Warning* Electro-galvanizing of high tensile products may cause hydrogen embrittlement even if a de-embrittlement process is carried out. Certain manufacturers and Intafast will not guarantee the product if certain plating processes are carried out.

Processes carried out in accordance with BS EN

ISO 9001:2015 - ISO 10683:2018 - ISO 4042:2018 - ISO 10684:2004 - ISO 1456:2009 - ISO 14713-2:2009 - ISO 14713-3:2017

If there is a certain material finish you can’t see then please call 01323 502374 and speak to one of our sales team who would be happy to help.